Battlefield 1‘s developer DICE has outlined its immediate roadmap for the game. DICE began by promising monthly Battlefield 1 updates rather than the seasonal (or quarterly) patches that it has traditionally delivered. This will allow player feedback from the community test environment to utilized sooner rather than later.

The promised spring update is coming “soon”, and Platoons will come with it. This grouping feature is something that players have been asking for since release. There is no release date yet for this update, but it will probably drop sometime before the end of April considering the first monthly update will drop in May.

The first major item that DICE would like to improve is Operations. The developer plans to make them “as fricitonless as possible” so to speak. Operations tweaks will make up the bulk of the May update.

However, DICE has also said that it has plans to “streamline the flow into matches” in Battlefield 1 in general, as well as “improving many gameplay grievances that will hopefully make the action feel more balanced and fair” and “a feature update to the Battlefield 1 Rent-A-Server Program.”

Lastly, paid content is on its way with In the Name of the Tsar, which is set on the Eastern Front with players fighting the Russian army. DICE promises “all new tactics,” as well as the usual maps, weapons, vehicles, and game modes.